Friday, June 22, 2012

Style Challenge: Summer Hats...

Necklace, Hat,Tank: F21,  Shorts: 1010 (Similar style)
Sandals: Urban Outfitters (Similar style)

And so it goes...on a Challenging Friday Afternoon (pun totally intended)

Today challenge: Summer hats with bonus points for denim shorts (not that we keep score but why not take it up a notch).

I was challenged by this for a few reasons but mostly because I wore my favorite summer short combo in my last post. Also, having neglected my hat collection I was lacking in that department so it was a tricky problem to resolve. 

I was oot and aboot yesterday and I happend to "stumble" into forever 21. Don't know how that happend...

While I was trying to find my way out I saw quite the collection of summer hats. What a coincidence, I thought! After eying a few I found this perfect little fedora that I already imagined would fit perfectly on that empty spot in my closet. (ok, not empty, but the shoe box makes for a perfect flat surface). Any who, at $10 it was a steel and shortly there after it was all mine.

I paired it with my olive shorts that have been stowed for far too long (10 points for me!), my teal tank, and that sweater you have probably seen too many times.

Style Challenge-I own you...and so do these gals:

Happy Friday!!!


  1. LOVE that top- such a great summer color! And loving that hat, I was just saying I need a new straw one jussst like that! :)

    Happy Friday love!

    <3 Amanda

  2. This is the perfect summer look- easy and chic!! That bold blue color looks great on you, and looove those sandals! Happy Friday!

    x carlina

  3. AH! The blue is such an amazing color on you - love your hair color as well
    xo Krystin
    Suburban Faux-Pas

  4. So cute! I love how you styled your hair underneath as well :)
    xo jac

  5. LOVE that hat, you hair under it, that necklace, and those shoes! Fab outfit, m'dear!

  6. That hat was a great find! Love your outfit - big fan of that blue! :)

  7. Oh, my beautiful sister! You look so carefree, pretty and bad ass! Kind of like Nasty Gal meets Coachella, meets Newport Beach!! I miss you!


  8. Love your straw fedora - so cute!

  9. You definitely rocked this challenge! I love those UO sandals! PS. Your makeup and brows always look flawless. I haven't been following very long but have you ever posted about your makeup regime??

  10. You wear you hat well! And I LOVE your necklace. Have a gorgeous weekend!

  11. So happy to link with you and the other girls for this style challenge. You look so fresh, stylish and I must agree you rocked this pairing! I love this aqua color with your skin and the color play between the necklace and hat are PERfect!

    PS - I also added you on Bloglovin, Pinterest & obv Twitter (I'm on those as well as Facebook).


  12. Guess it would help if you knew I was... hehe

  13. These style challenges are so fun to see! Love the look.

  14. Love the mint top. A great look.


  15. You are so pretty! And I really like the outfit! Amazing color on the top, and your necklace is gorgeous!

  16. Nice blog!!!
    Now I'm following you on Bloglovin!!
    Follow me too!


  17. Great outfit! I love that necklace - can't believe it's F21! Thanks for stopping by Jolie Jouel - loving your blog too!

    My jewelry blog:

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