Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Studs + Neon

Top: Silence and Noise (love this one too!) Skirt/Necklace:Forever21, Sweater: Urban Outfitters (2 yrs ago) Shoes: ALDO Spiked Bracelet: Kaitlyn's (simialr look)

& so it goes....

I recently picked up this neon lime body con skirt during a Forever 21 binge. It was only $7.80. How could a girl on a budget resist such a marvelous thing!

Damn you Forever 21 and your trickery!

Because it was SO bright I paired it was my favorite neutral...Grey. After adding some spunk with my asymmetrical top, multi-neon colored necklace, and studded sweater, I have here one pretty awesome look. Is that conceded? Either way, this may be put on my repeat outfit list very soon...

Happy Hump Day Folks...


Monday, June 25, 2012

White and Blue

Top/Wedges: Forever 21, Pants: Kaitlyn's, Glasses: Tobi, Clutch: Vintage

And so it goes...after another BEAUTIFUL weekend we are summoned by the enevitalbe Monday.

This weekend was one for the books, most of which was spent far away from my little apartment in Newport. 

After a Friday night in Venice, a little splurge on Saturday was exactly what the doctor ordered (I'm sure a Tylenol would have done just fine too). That's where this look comes in. I spent most of my saturday grazing the racks of the cutest boutiques in Brea with my mother and sister (who took these stunning photos. Following shopping was a lovely out door lunch. A prime spot for my favorite past time...people watching.

I finished the night at a BBQ enjoying the night with my boyfriend and friends.

Enough about my weekend agenda, let's hope this week goes fast because I have even more exciting things planned for next weekend!!


Friday, June 22, 2012

Style Challenge: Summer Hats...

Necklace, Hat,Tank: F21,  Shorts: 1010 (Similar style)
Sandals: Urban Outfitters (Similar style)

And so it goes...on a Challenging Friday Afternoon (pun totally intended)

Today challenge: Summer hats with bonus points for denim shorts (not that we keep score but why not take it up a notch).

I was challenged by this for a few reasons but mostly because I wore my favorite summer short combo in my last post. Also, having neglected my hat collection I was lacking in that department so it was a tricky problem to resolve. 

I was oot and aboot yesterday and I happend to "stumble" into forever 21. Don't know how that happend...

While I was trying to find my way out I saw quite the collection of summer hats. What a coincidence, I thought! After eying a few I found this perfect little fedora that I already imagined would fit perfectly on that empty spot in my closet. (ok, not empty, but the shoe box makes for a perfect flat surface). Any who, at $10 it was a steel and shortly there after it was all mine.

I paired it with my olive shorts that have been stowed for far too long (10 points for me!), my teal tank, and that sweater you have probably seen too many times.

Style Challenge-I own you...and so do these gals:

Happy Friday!!!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Raw hem

Top: NASTY GAL, Jacket: F21, Shorts: DIY, Wedges: Steve Madden

And so it goes...

I recently turned my boyfriend jeans into these pretty fantastic shorts. I found the boyfriend jeans to hug my hips in all the wrong way, but after cutting them they turned into the perfect fitting shorts.

As much as I'd love to wear those extremely short, high waist shorts, I simply cant. I like my shorts fitting a little longer, and a little looser. So after cutting my loose fitting crops in the some loose fitting shorts I was thoroughly pleased. 

And now, I feel a little more prepared to take on the summer


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Friday, June 15, 2012

Style Challenge: Day to Night


  Style Challenge: Day to Night. 
Mine is all based around my LBD.

My day look is for a lunch at the beach. Easy going with sandals, simple black dress, a vest and a feather necklace.  

The beach I frequent is surrounded by some pretty fantastic bars, and in result there's often no reason to leave.

Now, I've been one of those girls that goes straight to the bar totally unprepared. Flip flops, bathing suit, and sandy hair. No treat for the onlookers.  Since then I have learned to pack a switch of clothes for those not so rare moments.

My night look is a super easy switch! Change out the sandels for some pumps, Switch out the vest for a blazer and it's as simple as that. 

The hair is also a super quick fix to that sandy, wind blown hair you'd be rocking otherwise.

 Easy day to night beach look!

Check out how these Fashionistas styles their Day to Night looks: RebeccaAdiel, Amanda, Angie & Meghan

Happy Friday fellow fashionistas!


DayLook: Dress: American Apparel (Similar style), Vest/ Necklace: Forever 21,  Glasses: Urban Outfitters Sandals: Deena & Ozzy

Night look: Blazer: ASOS, Pumps: Steve Madden, Clutch: ASOS

Monday, June 11, 2012

Bow and Blazer

 Top: H&M (love this bowed top too!)Blazer: H&M  (similar silhouette) Dress (turned skirt): Kaitlyn's (similar dip dye dress) Shoes: Zara

Happy... uhh, I mean Hello Monday.

This weekend was full of birthdays, BBQs, and sunburns. Oh how my Irish skins betrays me so.

I must say for  quite an eventful weekend my Monday is not as torturous as most. To celebrate my rare hangover free Monday I dressed is a bit.

This skirt is actually a DIY project from THIS dress. It was a dip dye attempt. It didn't turn out as smoothly as I anticipated but I still appreciate the outcome. 

After turning it into a skirt I paired it with my tailored bow top and pleplum blazer.
With all neutrals I had to add my color block pumps from Zara to keep it form being a snore fest.
I'd say this Monday is already a success and it's not even noon. *pats herself on the back*

I hope your weekends were full of fashion, friends and food. (Don't you love when a good use of alliteration sneaks up on you!).


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A love story

 And so it goes...

 When I saw these white trousers it was love at first sight.

This love affair was dangerous, especially considering my first love, Red Wine.

But I knew there would be a day when they would meet, and things would get real tricky.
When my first love, Wine, and my new love, White Trousers, first met it was awkward.

I was timid with my affection towards wine, and tried to keep my hands off White Trousers as even one ounce of jealousy and wine would show no mercy.

 With careful movement, both wine and white trousers controlled their potentially disastrous behavior.

Since then, wine and white trousers have grown a mutual understanding of my relationship with both of them, although it is safe to say that I still avoid their meeting as much as possible.
The end.

Trousers: Mango (Similar style), 
 Top: F21 (Updated style)
Jacket: ASOS (Circa 09)

Friday, June 1, 2012

Floral Bridage

 Top: Kaitlyn's , Skirt: Brandi Melville. (Similar skirt)

 It's Friday, it's Friday, it's Friday! 

My weekend agenda is full! I'll be helping a friend with some Wedding DIY.

After, I'll be icing down my sore, scissor abused finger, with a nice cold beer at the Angels game.

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!


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