Monday, February 27, 2012


 The weekend is over...but I' m hoping my super bright back drops and my neon belt will brighten up your day just a little bit.

 I'm going to keep it short and simple (because my verbal creativity on a Monday is slim to none).

My new favorite addition to my wardrobe is this uber bright neon belt by Marc by Marc Jacobs! Found here.

It fit right in with most of my favorite pieces, These simple black skinnies from Urban outfitters (here), My most comfortable light weight tee with chiffon detail (similar top here), my go to wedges  by Steve Madden (here), and lastly my favorite leather jacket by Levi's (here)

Hope you are all having a splendid day, I sure am. It's raining!


Friday, February 24, 2012

A look for Friday...

Blouse: Guess (here), Sweater: Zara, (similar style here) Skirt: H&M (similar style here),  Pumps: Aldo (here)

And so it goes...on Friday! Need I say more?

Probably not, but here's just a little for ya, I'm starting to really like the bare corner of the empty spare room in my place. It's no eleventh floor view, but it's a beige that actually matches the color of my skin, and I kind of like that about it.

 Note: I will be re-introducing myself to the sun very soon, don't you worry.

I'm totally obsessed with this look though, and I can't believe I put it together in 5 minutes (and some how I was still late for work). It involves all my favorite components: Comfortable sweater, Funky print, pop of color, and a professional touch.  

Happy Friday!


Thursday, February 23, 2012


Shirt: Zara (Similar look here) Jeans: Joes Jeans (here), Plaid Pumps: Steve Madden (similar look here), Bracelets: Grandmother's vintage. 

And so it goes...finally moved and settled. Well not quite settled, as I am still living out of boxed and eating frozen dinners every night.

But the physical labor is done. AMEN! 

This was the first outfit I have put together in a week that I'm not totally ashamed of. 
Now, it doesn't win any awards for the most creative ensemble, but I'm still please with the look.
It totally beats all the holy jeans and sweatshirts I've been wearing (oh the horror!)

The only joy of moving ones closet is finding things you totally forgot about! This shirt for example. I've worn it once about a year ago and totally forgot I had it. Clearly it's not a shirt for the every day, but I can definitely get my use out of it. 
I'm definitley a waredrobe hoarder and I'm not even ashamed to admit it (OK, maybe a little)

I know I'm not the only one atleast.

Anywho, the weekend is near. Yay!


Friday, February 17, 2012

Red on White

Coat: Audrey 3-1 (similar style here),  Dress: Brandy & Melville (similar style here), Clutch: Betsey Johnson (similar style here) Watch: Rolex (here

And so it goes...On my last day in this beautiful apartment.

Tomorrow I officially move to my new place in Newport Beach, and I couldn't be any more excited!

Stay tuned for a new apartment tour, and some new blog back drops!


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mix Master

Blouse: Vince (here), Skirt: Gregory Parkinson, Shoes: ALDO (Similar style)

And so it goes....

I've caught my breath for just a moment and found time to throw on one of my favorite hip hugging skirts. This is to honor the always amazing designer  and my former boss, Gregory Parkinson.  His latest presentation at New York Fashion Week showed his true style, prints, textures and more prints!  In a phase of bright hues and the use of maximizing colors, Gregory is right at home. 

The skirt I'm wearing is from his Pre-Spring 2003 collection, showing his pure artistry in garment structure construction and print mixing. 

I may be biased for he was the first person to pick me up from my post grad stumble and really show me what this industry is all about, but I think if you check out his collection here, you'll be just as impressed as I am.


Monday, February 13, 2012

Prep on the Edge...

 Top: Chloe, Sweater, Skirt: H&M, Leggings: American Apparel, Wedges: Jeffrey Campbell, Bangle: Dior

And so it goes…

I’ll keep this one short and simple assuming the attention span on a Monday morning is minimal.

I found some time in my busy weekend to put together a look I wouldn’t mind running into any old high school enemies  in(girls, you know what I mean).
I started with the chiffon blouse (here) and added the sweater for layering (here), then I put on jeans, but I felt too old librarian in jeans so I swapped them out for an edgye scuba skirt (here), then I felt a little too risky on so I added some liquid leggings (here), threw on my shiny bangles, and go to Thelmas by Jeffrey Campbell (here) and Ta-Da  I got myself an outfit I might even wear again!

Happy Monday. =]

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Love struck

Top: Zara (similar style Here) Jacket: Forever 21 (Similar style Here )
Jeans: H&M, Pumps: Kate Spade ( Similar style Here)

This look is what I would wear on Valentines day, if I had the opportunity.

No, I'm not single, I'm moving.

Now, I have an issue when it comes to dressing casually. I don't really have any typical "casual"clothes. You know, Jeans, t-shirt, comfortable flats. So on moving day, instead of dressing casual, I'll be dressing like a hilly billy truck diver (no offense).

You know, ripped cut off jeans, some old, over sized t-shirt I only wear to dye my hair (and move apparently), and tennis shoes I got in the 8th grade.

My boyfriend should be feeling like one lucky guy!

 The moving festivities begin tomorrow, cleaning, packing, cleaning, moving, yadda yadda. 
So today I will dress to impress. 

Tomorrow, I'll be lucky if I get to put on mascara.

So bare with me if I have any an extended absence on here.


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Maxed Out

And so it goes on Wednesday, or what I like to call WTF Wednesday. Does anyone else agree this day is sort of pointless?

I heard that the most productive day of the week is Tuesday. Your hangover from the weekend is finally gone and the upcoming weekend seems so far you might as well work to keep away the blues. So why can’t we just stop there.
Don’t get me wrong. I love my job, I just hate working. Especially on Wednesdays.
What I do love is discovering a new look that is both ultra-comfortable and fairly chic.
My Maxi skirt that I rarely re-visit for unknown reason is always a treat when I remember I have it (similar style Here)  And my color blocked/striped top(similar-ish style here)is so comfortable I could die in it and be happy, or..something like that.
Anywho, Happy WTF day.


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

February Faves...

So here are my picks for my Monthly Faves. It's February, and so for the obvious reason I loaded up this list with delicious pink hues, with the various pops of red, and neutralizing cremes. 
You can Fine these picks here:
3. Blush: Bobbi Brown  
4.Necklace: Love Mert
 5. Lipstick: NARS-Roman Holiday
6. Camisole: Jenny Packham  
7. Fold Over Pouch: Clare Vivier 
8. Suede Wedge Booties:Kiss

OH! And....
Silk Romper: La Fee Verte


Monday, February 6, 2012

Tweed Breeze

And so it goes on the ever anticipated Monday.
If I had to fit this past weekend into a category of one of the 7 deadly sins there would be no hesitation to title it Gluttony.  Now, my self-control is questionable (mostly when shopping) but I try to prevent indulging too much.  
However, when you rally up the troops (football watching, chili eating, and beer drinking men) you either have be with them, or against them.  I picked the less wise decision. With them, I was.

I definitely binged on pizza, chili dogs, Coors light (no judging), and well, all that pertains to the super bowl weekend.
Don’t worry, I’m getting the point now:

Amidst the chaos I found a perfect (modern day) secret garden. Sandwiched between overly reflective sky scrapers. (Ok, can anything really be overly reflective?)
Anyway, It was so refreshing to be surrounded by vined walls, pebbled pathways, and freshly cut grass..ahhh, I can still smell it. 
I think my look fit the feeling I had perfectly, In my lace skirt ( Similar style here) and my tweed jacket (Similar style here)that was gifted by my former boss/talented designer, Gregory Parkinson.
Can’t wait to revisit this place next weekend!


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