Monday, July 29, 2013

Easy Like Sunday Morning...

White Tee: c/o AG, Skirtall: ASOS, Sweater: Thrifted, Bag: Warehouse,
Flats: Urban Oufitters (old) ( love this style

This was a look I threw on in a matter of minutes and even warranted the response of "you're not ready" from my loved one... but jokes on him, because I was!

 This skirtall was planned or another look, another day, but it was all too easy to through on over my white tee. It was even easier when I threw on an over sized beanie to cover, what some may call, an intense case of bed head. So, although not very thought provoking, it made for an easy wear to an easy Sunday brunch, and after my busy week, that's just the way I wanted it. 


Thursday, July 25, 2013

Simply Basic

Anorak: Piperlime,  T-shirt: ASOS,  Bag: Warehouse, Flats: Steve Madden (similar pair!), Bracelet: c/o Fish Out of Water,

It's been quite the hectic week, so I've been keeping things simple. On the long days when I need to rush out the door early, and come home late it's imparative that I can manage a look that is both easy to put together, and comfortable for the whole day. This look was just that. It also had some fun touches like the leopard studded flats, and necklace, preventing the "bum" vibe that often lingers when I 'm crunched for time in the morning. Also, I some how managed to grab some dinner with my boyfriend after work, and luckily I looked publicly acceptable.  Win win!

two. more. days....



Monday, July 22, 2013

Blue Gloom

 Skirt: American Apparel (old)-Love this one!, Top: American Apparel, Sweater: Thrifted,
Pumps: Just Fab, Bag: Urban Outfitters (old-Similar style here!)

So, clearly I’ve been a little absent in the blog area as of late, but a lot of things have been flooding my schedule. The most important thing to note is that I’m all caught up on “My Cat from Hell” episodes. Talk about proud moments!

Moving on, this weekend my boyfriend and I discovered the cutest, weirdest, most modern park right by our place. It was equipped with stunning blue railings and tunnels, as well as large scale rabbit sculptures with rainbow eyes. Also, I wasn’t on drugs. (I’ll have photo references later).
I was dressing for an overcast day (yay for gloom, that’s what I say), which was fun because it’s been a while since I threw on my oversized sweaters, and it felt great.

Hope your weekends were grand!


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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Drop Waisted

Dress: Like Mynded Via Nordstrom, Pumps: Zara, Clutch: Vintage

This dress was one of those 'wants' that became a 'need'. You know the, "I don't need it, but I really, really want it, and therefore MUST have it". That's actually a thought that crosses my mind often while shopping, and I know I can't be the only one who deals with this.

Since buying it I've had it in my closet for a while, wanting just the right moment to wear it because it seemed so special to me. Well, that moment never came, so I just wore it on a random Saturday, when the sun was bright and the drinks were cold, and it is was perfect.

Patience is clearly not virtue I embrace well.

Oh well!


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Monday, July 8, 2013

Red, White & Blue hair


Top: BDG, Skirty/ Fanny pack: American Apparel, Glasses: Michael Stars, Bathing suit top: Target

There are some things I take very seriously, and dressing up for the Fourth of July is one of them, clearly.

This year I took it one step further with the blue hair (don't worry, it was only temporary). My original intentions were to do just the tips....but it was a lot harder to apply than I thought it would be, so in result I finished with a full head of blue hair. 
I had a blast with it, and I was kind of sad to wash it out.

The overall day was perfection, starting in the sun with some chilled drinks, ending the night dancing (or trying). I also saw a very small glimpse of fireworks, which was mildly satisfying, but I'll take it since I seem to miss them everyyear.

How did you all celebrate?


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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Silk & Stripes

Dress: Thistlepearl via UO, Bodysuit: American Apparel, Glasses: Ray-Ban, Heels: c/o Lulus, Bag: ASOS, Bracelet: Fish out of Water, Stacked rings: Fish out of Water 

Don't be mad. I know, I've been slacking. A lot has been happening these last couple of weeks. I just finished my first year back at school (YAY). I 've been managing extra projects at work (not so yay). I've also really been enjoying this glorious so cal weather,besides the humidity...oh the humidity....
My poor, flat, hair.

Tomorrow is the 4th of July (duh), I'll be hanging at the beach (duh), and showing off my recently manicured red white and blue nails. Which dual as quite the distraction while typing away at work. 

Six . More . Hours. 

How will you be spending the holiday?/


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