Friday, March 23, 2012

Printed Pants

Sweater: Forever 21 Under Tank: Nasty Gal,
Printed Jeans: BDG - Urban Outfitters Wedges: ALDO
Cuff: BCBG, Necklace: Nasty Gal (Similar Style)

And so it goes...on FRIDAY! 

Have I emphasized enough how much I just love this day! 

Well this Friday is especially special (say that three times) for two reasons. 
1. It's style Challenge Friday. 
The theme: Printed pants


2. I'm leaving for a cruise in T-3 hours! 

Let's start with topic number 1. 
I have always loved a good printed pant, be it floral, polka dot, or stripes. But lets face it, they're a bit intimating, especially for the hippy gals (and I don't mean the tree hugging kind ). However, in one of my most recent shopping benders (yes I said ONE of), I dared my self to try on all the printed pants my eyes could find. 
The outcome: These marvelous Black and White scribble printed jeans! 
Hello, my new favorite obsession! 
And I was immensely surprised that I actually felt thinner in them. SHOCKING right!?

So it doesn't end there in my mind. I think "how can I really make this look super print-tastic?"
With more print..DUH.

Introducing this awesome Forever 21 Color block sweater. 

Finishing the look with basic gold and black accessories and you have here my new favorite, totally in your face, look =].

Check out how Meghan Brock of Voila, and Krystal Bick This Time Tomorrow style their printed pants.

Ok, so that went on a little longer than expected.

So i'll make topic 2 short:

I'm excited!

That's all....

Happy Friday!!


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Soft Edge


Top: Queens Wardrobe, Shorts: Forever 21, Mesh Heels: Forever 21 (Similar style), Emerald Ring: Urban outfitters (Similar Style), Lips: Clinique color splurge lipstick- Watermelon

And so it goes, only 2 days untill my cruise this weekend! 

I can hardly breathe I am so anxious! Mostly because I haven't started packing yet, and that's always a large production. Also, because I just can't wait to get some sun (if you haven't noticed my legs, it's pretty necessary).

This top, one of my new favorites, was gifted to me by Queens Wardrobe. I am totally digging the shoulder detail!....Did I just say digging? Well, you get my point. 

I love the idea of mixing harsh edges with a soft pastel floral, hence my summer time favorite, my very skirt-esque (I'll be trade marking that) shorts with a subtle contrasting floral print. 

P.s Notice the wall color!!

Hope enjoy this look as much as I do!


Monday, March 19, 2012

Lumber Jack

 Vest: Urban Outfitters (similar style here), Top: C/O Queens Wardrobe, Jeans: Frankie B. Wedges: F21 (similar style here)

Hellllooo Monday! Always rearing it's nasty head right after a blissful, relaxing weekend.

My weekend was full of home decor (note: plaid top).
 A plaid top may not be mandatory while doing physical labor, but sometimes I just  like to be really cliche.

When I walked into Home Depot wearing my female version of a lumber jacks attire I was welcomed with a few hesitant stares. What? A girl can't use tools and wear heels at the same time?!

 A paint brush is a tool right?

Be it as it may, this plaid shirt kicked some ass, and my newly painted walls look AMAZING.( But that could also be because my boyfriend did most of the work) Either way. This weekend was a success! Hope yours was too!


Friday, March 16, 2012

Erin Go Braugh

 Blouse:queens wardrobe, Jacket: Tommy Hilfiger  Pants: Club Manaco ( Similar style), 
Heels: Steve Madden  Similar style here

It's Friday, It's raining, and I just got my package of clothes c/o Queens Wardrobe. 
I am one happy girl!

Oh, and tomorrow is my fondest holiday, St. Patty's day! I'm huge on my Irish heritage, so nothing makes me prouder than a day we recognize all the is Irish, drinking Guinness, and eating Bangers and Mash.

Well, there's a lot more to be proud of, but those are clearly the holiday favorites.

I'll be spending the day with my Boyfriends family (the Baileys) and working on permanently turning my tongue green (there is lots of green Guinness to be had).

Hope you all enjoy your green beer this weekend!


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Grey Scale.

Sweater: Zara (similar style), Button Up: Guess, Dress: Zara (Similar style), Flats: Urban Outfitter (Similar style), Necklaces: Forever 21, Watches: Urban Outfitter/Kenneth Cole

And so it goes...on Wednesday. Poor Wednesday, always dealing with a bad rep. 

I don't mind Wednesday (it helps that I don't work tomorrow), I mean, tomorrow is basically Friday, so therefore today is practically Thursday, and who doesn't love Thursday??

Uh, Anywayyy. Work has been HECTIC HECTIC HECTIC. In the good way, I think. So lately my hair has been untaimed, my nails unkempt, and my looks, well "comfortable". So I dressed it up today. Still comfortable, yet chic.

Hope you enjoying this Thursday, err, I mean Wednesday!


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Dots and Dash


Striped tank: Ganni, Under Dress: Thrifted,  Opaque Tights: Fogle
Sweater: Thrifted, Boots: Steve Madden
Necklace: Claire's

And then God made the internet... wait, what?

Ok, not how the story goes, but doesn't the internet seem heavenly at times? Especially when deprived of it for almost a month! 

Well, our new apartment is not so new, so the excuse to not have cable or internet was no longer viable. Hence our recent instillation! 

Put on your rain boots because there will be a flood of blog posts coming. My deprivation has been building up a blog monster! I have lots of cute outfits I haven't been blogging, and I'm ready to get back to work.

This post is not one the of the outfits I've been looking forward to posting, buuut you have to start somewhere. And I wouldn't say it's too shabby. Just a comfortable mix of texture and prints. Perfect for this gloomy March day.

Hope you'll all enjoying your Tuesday!


Thursday, March 8, 2012

Tonal Bliss..

Tonal Bliss..

TANGERINE DREAM:                           MINT MOJITO                                 WHITE NOISE:
Pleated Shirt Dress: Top Shop            Top:Mungo Gurney                                Top:Weekday
 Wedges: Lanvin                                        Skirt:Tibi                                     Pants:Maxmara
Clutch: Balenciaga                              Pumps:Kurt Geiger                               Pumps: Prada 
  Earrings: Cute Berry                             Clutch: TopShop                                Bag: Brahmin
                                                           Watch: ASOS                                 Necklace: ASOS

Remember the days when you were like "EW that's so matchy matchy", and now we're all like " "Ohh it's so tonal"

Well I am totally crushing on a whole tonal look!

It's so wrong, it just feels so right!

Especially in these mouth watering hues! 

How do you style your tonal looks?


Monday, March 5, 2012


Top: Thrifted (similar top here),Studded Leggins: Marc by Marc Jacobs (here), 
Peacoat: Gifted, Boots: Steve Madden (here)

And so it goes...

Here's a tiny secret, I'm sunburnt under all these clothes. Can you believe I had the ability to sit in the sun for 30 minutes and get sunburnt less than 24 hours ago, and today I woke up to gloom and chills. It's even supposed to rain tomorrow! Good ol' Cali and it's bi-polar weather.

But we're not in an elevator, so who cares about the weather right?

In the deep mysterious depths of my closet I found a long lost friend of mine, this yellow pea-coat. This will most likely be an item that I'll totally pull a "hoarder" move on. It's too sentimental to me to ever let go. A memory of my trip to Europe it woven in the fibers of this coat. Que the cheesy banter!

But really, it means a lot to me, and I don't wear it enough. 
Hope you're all having a spectacular day!


Thursday, March 1, 2012



Top: F21 (similar top here) Skirt: F21 (similar skirt here) , Watch: Boyfriends/Kenneth Cole (here)
Wedges: Steve Madden ( Similar look here)

Is it Thursday ALREADY?! 
First, let me start for apologizing for the extended gaps between posts (and for my casper legs).

I've just been BUSY BUSY BUSY!

My home is bare so I've been trying to spruce it up! My first step was my garden! Ok, more like a planter on my all cement patio, but it was hard picking out the perfect planter for my per-existing orchid plant. How it took me all day is beyond me, but it did.

Secondly, My very dearest friend is getting married in just a few short months. I'll be occupying a very large boat for her bachelorette party and I'm trying to exterminate all flab before then (22 days, ugh) add fitness to the list. Along with Shower planning, dress purchasing, and toast writing. eek!

And work, and work and work!

Beyond all this, I still found a quick moment to play dress up. So I present my super blush get up. Don't you adore?!

 Happy Friday Eve!


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