Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Safari Hunt

Flats: La Mode (similar style here) Top: Forever21, Skirt: 1010, Bag; H&M

 I've lived in Orange County the majority of my life and have never been the the Santa Ana Zoo, which is mere miles for my home. So, my boyfriend and I decided to check this one off our local to-do list.
You can probably see how the days plans inspired look.  I threw on my leopard print flats (I thought I would see one and he would consider me and ally...there were none).
I wore my olive cargo skirt and beige top.
 I felt very safari-esque with a touch of feminine and edge. 

Anyway, after visiting, I've realized we weren't missing out on much. There were a good selection of monkeys, a few wanna be flamingos, a very sadly caged bald eagle, and a senile billy goat. Oh and no feline species at all. 

Despite a few minor disappointments I really enjoyed my day.

I hope you all had a spectacular holiday weekend!



  1. I love the zoo, cute outfit for this occasion!


  2. blah, your zoo sounds like it was jipped. a billy goat and bald eagle? it's like they just caught that on their own and stuffed it into a cage. haha but on the brighter side, you look absolutely adorable! i love those cheetah loafers

  3. Oh, that's too bad you didn't feel it lived up to expectations. I don't live near a zoo, but got to visit Portland's this summer and the boy and I had a blast!

    You're outfit is perfect for a day at the zoo though!

  4. Sorry the zoo didn't impress, but a senile billy goat does seem like a pretty good attraction ;) Love your whole look here, especially the shoes!



  5. Like you said your outfit is safari-esque yet feminine at the same time. Love your top :)

  6. Those shoes were the perfect choice for a trip at the zoo. I haven't been to my local zoo in years! Might just have to take a trip soon...

  7. good look ;))

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    NEw post !!

  8. amazing photos and great outfit! perfect for a zoo visit! :)

    xx, Sabinna and David
    Broken Cookies

  9. You have great style and I love your outfits. they're all differt and look stunning the same! I'm a follower!



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