Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Falling for fall....

 Top/Bottom: Forever 21, Wedges: Urban OG

I woke up this morning to clouds and sprinkles. OH fall, It's so close, yet these 90 degree days are telling me it's still so far. 

As I do my daily reading, it couldn't be more clear that the fashion world is ready for the change of weather, and wardrobe, too!. 

I've already given up on my summer waredrobe and have started investing in my fall sweater section. Lots of rich colors, pea green, burnt orange, olives...oh I am just getting so excited.

This look is the closest I could get to fall with out over heating. 
The hues make is fall, the simplicity and materials make it summer.

What are you guys looking forward to the most about the changing seasons?



  1. Cute outfit, those wedges are gorgeous : )


  2. When I clicked on your post, my first reaction was 'Wow, that shirt is beautiful' and then I saw the shoes... I was speechless. They are just perfect!

    I've always loved autumn/winter fashion, so I really looking forward to all those fall colours and chilly weathers.


  3. Your wedges are really cute. I love autumn it's my favorite season because of the changing leaves, slightly colder weather, and a new wardrobe of course :)

  4. Love the shirt and the simple accessories!

  5. Is it cliche to say I'm most looking forward to layers?

    Cute look btw!

  6. The fashion...obvi. Oxblood, olive, chunky knits, oh my.

    x carlina

  7. I'm feeling the same about my wardrobe, but I'm not at all ready for the colder weather. I like how you've taken the best of both worlds. And you looks amazing doing it :)

    xoxo Alison

  8. Love this top! It;s just a happy color.


  9. I really love this look! I can't wait to be able to wear lots of leather this fall.

  10. NOOOOOO doubt! I am totally ready for sweaters and tights and boots! I love this casual, chic look!

  11. That top is beautiful! Love this outfit :) xo

  12. Great Outfit for Fall ,love the Colours :)


  13. oh i LOVE those wedges on you. and that bright striped top. you look perfect in this. this is a good transition outfit - brighter top with the muted bottoms is the perfect outfit for the september heat that has us all longing for fall. except me. it could be september forever - it's my favorite weather

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  14. Love those wedges! <3


  15. Adore the wedges! A great color combo and classic
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  16. Love this look! I'm envious of your changing seasons. I recently relocated from NYC to Miami and still getting adjusted to the forever summer days.

  17. Totally cute!


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