Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Navy Ruffles

 Top: Asos (it's on sale!), Navy Trouser: H&M - (Similar look),  Bag: Warehouse , Necklace: H&M (love this one too)Heels: Steve Madden

 After two harrowing weeks of the flu, that I self diagnosed as swine because it was that bad, I am finally on my feet again. I mean, one benefit of the flu is that I’m finally back down to my high school weight, which is cool, and I basically coughed my way to a 6 pack, which is also cool, minus all the coughing. I felt the need to dress up after two weeks of wearing basically the same thing everyday, I maybe changed twice #ew. I found this top on ASOS a while back and couldn’t quite dream of the perfect place to wear it, but when you’re desperate to look pretty again who cares where you go right. So this was my welcome back to health look, and I’ll tell ya- wearing pants never felt so good.



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  1. you are really gorgeous! nice look and wonderful hair. nothing else to say ;)

  2. That top! I'm obsessed, I'm pretty sure I've been convinced to buy it. ;) Glad to hear you are feeling better, it's definitely going around.

    xo Carlina

  3. Lovely outfit! The ruffled sleeves are beautiful! xo


  4. Gorgeous & simple look. #blownaway


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