Thursday, May 30, 2013

Tribal Prints

Vest: BDG, Chambray top: Old ( love this one from Nasty Gal), Sandals: Ninewest (old), Blue Pendant Necklace: INPINK

Is anyone else majorly confused about what day it is? It's Wednesday, NO! it's Thursday. Agh.

It wouldn't reaaally matter, besides the fact that I have so much to get done by the weekend, and If you hadn't noticed, it doesn't take much to turn me into a total stress case. 

Moving on, my mother gifted me with this beautiful dress for my birthday, which is the perfect pick me up kind of dress. It's super easy to wear, and it flows so beautifully in the wind, you can't help but smile a little, or laugh because you realize you forgot to wear underwear. Not that that happened to me...I'm just saying it could.

It's also really great for drinks with the girls, or when you're beach bound. Take it from me, I have worn it doing both of those things, 

Oh, and excuse my's been a bun kind of week. Don't lie, you've totally had a bun week too. 

Oh, and that beautiful gem necklace around my neck, It's form the lovely INPINK, and they're offering my readers 30% all jewelry when you use the code SOITGOES30.

Better get on it fast, the code expires June 30th! 



  1. Ever since I've discovered your blog, it feels like I got addicted, haha. Absolutely love this look and you got me inspired (though this was a few posts ago) on how to wear that green Asos daisy skirt in a different way!
    And about the bun-week. I'm having one right now big time. Mostly because I'm working on school constantly.

    x Sam

  2. LOVE it! And love your tattoos!!


  3. I love that dress! the detailing on the back is gorgeous!
    And yes, doesn't feel like Thursday but I'm so glad it is! WOOO!

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  5. nice!! ; DD
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  6. you looks so nice. it´s a perfect style!

  7. nice outfit! I really love the dress!

  8. Such a cute summer dress! Your mom has great taste. I like how you layerd on top of the dress in such an edgy way...cute!

    And, oh yeah, def a bun week for me too!


  9. Love this look! I love the layering going on in here - it looks so comfortable!

    Bold Subtlety

  10. What a lovely gift! The dress is great on its own (fantastic print), but it looks extra interesting the way you've layered it with the vest and top. Looks amazing! xo


  11. omg so adorable! love it!

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  15. Such a pretty dress!

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