Monday, February 25, 2013

Red Carpet & Red Dress

 It is now the day after The Oscars, and all my social media news feeds are flooded with fashion recaps. Who cares who won, let's talk about who wore what..right?

Ok, Some of us care who won, but can we still talk about the dresses? ok, then...

First, let's talk about what I am wearing.

My boyfriend and I went to an Oscars party that was black tie themed. We both took this opportunity to dress to the nines. Bow tie, red dress. done and done.
The party was equipping with prizes during boring commercial breaks, delicious libations, and even a best dressed award (given to Abraham Lincoln).
It was perfection.

Now to my personal opinions of best dressed:

Who was your opinion of best dressed?




  1. Naomi Watts looks amazing! LOVE her dress.

    You look great in red!

  2. I loved Naomi Watts' dress too! And you and your mans look so stunning and debonair! Love it!

  3. You look stunning and I love your picks for best dressed!

  4. Sounds like an amazing party! Love the dress you wore- the red lace is gorgeous!

    My picks for best-dressed were Naomi Watts and Jessica Chastain. Totally different looks from one another, but both stunning! :)


  5. You look stunning!!

  6. You look amazing! and I am between Naomi Watts and I also really like the minimalist dress of C.Theron xx

  7. You look gorgeous hun, love the red dress! I cant pick a fave lol xx

  8. Out of all of ladies in this post, I actually think you look the best.:) Your dress is gorgeous and your hair is just perfect!! And I guess Zoe's kind of hot too.:)

  9. I hereby elect you my best dressed of the night! :-) I wish everyone had a little more fun with their looks (ahem, color. and fun hair?!)

    I do agree with your picks though and loved Amy Adams too!

    Looking fab, lady!

    <3 Amanda

    P.S I am coming to LA next week with Poshmark for a Live Posh Party. PLEASE say you are free next thursday?!

    1. You are always the sweetest! =]

      I'd love to be there. I work till six on weekdays..what time is the party??


  10. You look absolutely stunning! Wow! Seriously, you're glowing in that red dress!

  11. you look stunning! Red suits you

  12. I LOVE your dress!!!


  13. You look gorgeous in that dress!

  14. You look very pretty. My fav was Naomi watts. Such a trendsetter. She wasnt taking great fashion risks. With just a different neckline she stole the show.


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