Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Another day at the beach....

 Dress: H&M (similar style), Sandals: H&M (I like these even more!) Sunnies: Stella McCartney. Bag: H&M (old)

 OK people, it's no secret that this look wasn't styled by Rachel Zoe, but it was the easiest and most publicly acceptable look I could put together in my morning haze. 

I mean, you're really no supposed  to over think a beach look anyway (although I'm not sure there has ever been a moment that I haven't over thought a look) but this wasn't just for the beach but rather a gathering of friends in celebration of one of said friend's birth.

Let's start with layer 1: bathing suit. I picked black. done
Layer 2: A cover up. I picked a bright dress. done 
Layer 3. Accessories. I threw on some jesus sandals, sunnies, a fitting red green and yellow bracelet, and a  shoulder bag (all in the easy shade of black). DONE!

There you have it. A genius at work some might say. I just say...another day at the beach. 
*buh duh tch.*



  1. love the wall in the first photo, not to mention that lovely dress on you!

  2. YOU ARE SO PRETTY. Honestly, I was getting a total Brigette Bardot vibe here. Second, everything about this post is amaze.

    That's all.


  3. Love your explanation of your outfit! haha
    I think this look is lovely! Love the colour of your dress xx

  4. haha jesus sandals. i usually throw on one of my brother's t-shirts when i go to the beach, so you already look infinitely cuter than my standards. like the dress :)

  5. Love the look, and you're right! going to the beach should be a huge fashion dilemma!

  6. I was just there!! check out my newest blog post :)

  7. Hi, honey! I really liked your blog, you have great photos! Now, I am your faithful follower! I really hope that you enjoy my blog and you will be my follower!)))) Miss you, kiss!

  8. For not thinking about it, you sure did well!

  9. LOVING the new blog design girl! Looks so fun and fab just like you! I am uber jealous you have had some beach time because me? I have had NONE! lol Love red on you!

    <3 Amanda

  10. I think it looks great! Easy, but still chic. The red looks great on you! :)


  11. I heart the look, like you said it isn't over thought! The jesus sandals are my fave, all you need is a sweeet arm band!

    x carlina

  12. nice dress....have a nice day at the beach ;)

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  13. I love your style - without unnecessary combinations and complicated designs. Great !



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