Friday, July 6, 2012


Top: Pins and needles, Shorts: Nasty Gal, Wedges: Steve Madden, Necklace:Forever 21 
Sunnies: Le Specs

Ok, so I know that this moment has passed but I was so wrapped up in "the moment" that I put blogging it on the back burner (and hot dogs on the front). I'm sure you figured out I am talking about July 4th. What gave it away, the red white and blue?

The shorts I am wearing are my DIY embellished shorts. This project couldn't have been any easier. I bought a yard of the cheapest ruffle at Joanne's and simply sewed it on my shorts. Now that's a permanent solutions. I was also tempted with the idea of Velcro, that way you can remove, and even switched with another material if you so please,but I decided I loved this look so much I'd keep if forever!

My forth was FANTASTIC. Full of food and marvelous festivites. 
I hope yours was just as marvelous.

Oh! And, it's FRIDAY!


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  1. haha hot dogs on the front burner. nothing wrong with that! and this is such a cute diy- it really changed the whole look :)

  2. Such cute shorts! I would have loved them, anyway, but the addition of the ruffle just made them that much more fabulous :)

  3. Love the entire look:)
    very creative diy..m sure gonna try:)
    your hairstyle is superb..long way to go girl..U have it :)

  4. Lovely outfit. I love the colour of your shorts!


  5. Cute!!!

  6. Love the DIY, I loove the cute lil white ruffles, looks great against the wine red shorts ♥
    i loove the velcro idea, very smart :D

  7. Oh hey girl! You are so clever, love the idea of switching up something that might need a bit of a face lift! ;) Hmm, sounds like we might need to do a DIY style challenge Friday one of these days!

    x Carlina
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  8. Love this for the 4th or anytime for that matter. All this dressing for the occasions has made me aware I actually wear red, white and blue more than I thought. I need serious work on my DIY skills but you rocked it!


  9. They look so cute I bought some ruffle to do this to some of my shorts the other day :)

  10. I love the ruffle! Like Rhea, I too will be stopping by Joanne's today! Great look <3

    xox jane

  11. Beautiful! I've been wanting to do something just like that but haven't gotten around to it; now I'm inspired to pick the project back up!

  12. Very nice, great idea.


  13. loved your little diy project! they came out great.
    you look so beautiful!

    XO jannine

  14. aww they look fab with the lace ruffle



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