Monday, May 21, 2012

Another year older...

 Maxi: Forever XI (Similar one from FXI), 
Bag: Cheap Monday Via Urban Outfitters (Love this one too!)
Cuff: Vintage

Well, I am another year older. Not old enough to be mad, not young enough to be excited.

My birthday was celebrated beautifully. On Friday I enjoyed an amazing dinner with my family at the Auld Dubliner, where I indulged in some beer battered Fish n’ Chips, Also where my sister happened to win their cash prize just for ordering an appetizer. It was a lucky night for the Hofer gals. 

Saturday was spent enjoying the sun while watching my sister Graduate with her Masters of Science from CSUF, followed with a small shindig at my place later that night.

Lastly, enjoying at walk around Balboa Island on Sunday to observe the art from the locals, and to grab a refreshing beverage at a beach front restaurant.
A weekend of Family, Friends and (not so guilt free) food, I couldn’t have asked to celebrate another year of life any better way.


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  1. Happy birthday!!!! It sounds like you had a really fun weekend :)

  2. aw happy birthday girly :)) sounds like a super awesome weekend- how lucky for your sister! and i love your dress, it's so flowy and that pattern is pretty

  3. Happy Birthday! Hope you had a good one :)


  4. Summery-fun! Happy birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday!!! You look amazing in your dress :)

  6. Happy belated b-day, darling! Another year older, another year wiser...or so the saying goes! It was a good weekend to enjoy the sun.

    x carlina

  7. Happy b-day, also if I'm your blog a lot!!! What about following each other on Bloglovin & GFC??? xoxo

  8. fine dress ;)) ; ))

  9. Happy Birthday!! Wow, those photos are amazing! And I didn't know that you have so interesting tatoo, could you please say what does it mean? :)
    Ice-cream from the last photo looks sooooooo delicious :))

  10. Happy Birthday!!
    You look amazing.. very beautiful :)

  11. happy birthday!! i love the dress! you look so beautiful!!

  12. Such a pretty dress and a very happy birthday!!! xo

  13. Hi Kellen!

    Not sure if you remember me but I've had a chance to hang out with you a few times via Ashley! My boyfriend Chris told me you had a blog and I wanted to check it out! Love your posts! Can't wait to read more! xoxo


  14. I adore your dress! Love your bag too, Cheap Monday is always a good choice. Your birthday sounds lovely, so glad you had a good time!

    Love your style, just followed :)

    Ruth xxxx

  15. Thanks for your comment ! I love your blog. I follow you. Kisses :)


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