Friday, March 23, 2012

Printed Pants

Sweater: Forever 21 Under Tank: Nasty Gal,
Printed Jeans: BDG - Urban Outfitters Wedges: ALDO
Cuff: BCBG, Necklace: Nasty Gal (Similar Style)

And so it goes...on FRIDAY! 

Have I emphasized enough how much I just love this day! 

Well this Friday is especially special (say that three times) for two reasons. 
1. It's style Challenge Friday. 
The theme: Printed pants


2. I'm leaving for a cruise in T-3 hours! 

Let's start with topic number 1. 
I have always loved a good printed pant, be it floral, polka dot, or stripes. But lets face it, they're a bit intimating, especially for the hippy gals (and I don't mean the tree hugging kind ). However, in one of my most recent shopping benders (yes I said ONE of), I dared my self to try on all the printed pants my eyes could find. 
The outcome: These marvelous Black and White scribble printed jeans! 
Hello, my new favorite obsession! 
And I was immensely surprised that I actually felt thinner in them. SHOCKING right!?

So it doesn't end there in my mind. I think "how can I really make this look super print-tastic?"
With more print..DUH.

Introducing this awesome Forever 21 Color block sweater. 

Finishing the look with basic gold and black accessories and you have here my new favorite, totally in your face, look =].

Check out how Meghan Brock of Voila, and Krystal Bick This Time Tomorrow style their printed pants.

Ok, so that went on a little longer than expected.

So i'll make topic 2 short:

I'm excited!

That's all....

Happy Friday!!



  1. Love those pants!! They look great on you!! Have fun on the trip!!

  2. LOVE this outfit!! the pants are simply AMAZING, i loove the top, and your shoes!! :)

  3. Love those pants! I want a pair. Also loving your necklace. Gorgeous!

  4. Thanks for the challenge, Miss Kell! You're a formidable foe! I love you so much and I miss you more every time I look at your blog! Have fun on your cruise, Miss Fancy!!

  5. Lovely! Dying over those pants!!!

  6. Those pants are awesome!! Love the entire outfit! Have fun on your trip!

  7. Omg!! I'm in love with your pants!! I'm new on the net...aaand I'm your newest follower! Take a look and follow back if u want =)

    Xx Elisa

  8. The printed pants look awesome on you! I'm really into printed shorts, but haven't ventured into the pants arena yet. Maybe I'll have to change that sometime soon!

  9. Love that necklace and those pants! Have a great trip!

  10. I LOVE your entire outfit especially your pants!!! Lucky you for going on a cruise...have fun& be safe.

  11. You are so beautiful and those pants are amazing!

  12. Gorgeous pants! Love this look over all. Would you be interested in following each other?

  13. cute jumper..also the neckpiece..:)
    you look nice in printed pants..
    *happy trip*

  14. You're so pretty! Love this sweater and that it's from F21. Killer wedges too.

    xo Rachel

  15. Your sweater and pants are gorgeous. Your little kitty is just so unique and cute too! Hope you're having a blast on your trip! xx

  16. cool outfit love the pants!!
    thx so much 4 stopping by :)))

  17. such a cooooooool outfit! loving that sweater and printed pant combo so much!!!

    thanks so much for your lovely comment on my blog<3 if you arent already would you return the love and follow me back?
    xo alax

  18. Lovee those pants so much! <3



  19. Great outfit. I really love those pants.
    And cute cat btw

  20. Loved' your pants (:

  21. i love the way you show your own style here.

  22. I love the color and patterns on your pants/leggings! Very cool unique style ! Love this post come visit my blog if you get the chance!

  23. I love your trousers! It goes so well with the pop of green on your jumper. Brilliant blog as well..thank you for visiting mine! :) xxx

  24. Ok, now I'm so glad you commented on my blog because I'm totally following after this post. This outfit is just awesome! I love it from the bright stripes on your sweater to the crazy pattern on your pants. And those shoes are so so cute. I hope you had fun on your cruise!! (and i can see the self-professed cat lady part haha)

  25. aw. Pants are totally awesome! You look so nice.

  26. Love this outfit! Also totally dig your makeup - what do you use?



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