Friday, December 9, 2011


 And so it goes...on this beautiful morning, I tossed on a few of my favorite things in honor of my favorite day of the week...FRIDAY!!

There is nothing a girl like me enjoys more than an oh so comfortable sweater embellished with sparkled jewels. 
But lets not ignore the fact that my hair isn't looking particularly great.
TA-DA the turband, My newest favorite accessory (I've already established quite the collection of  these quick little hair fixers)

Paired with said items are my black cords, that only took me about a second to decide they were my new favorite addition to the bottom rack of my closet. (In case you haven't seen my closet, that is where I keep my pants.)

To finish this easy breezy Friday get up, I threw on my tan leather booties, some eye catching accessories, a kitten, and called it a day!

Sweater: Zara. Cords/Cuff/Double faced watch: Urban Outfitters
Booties/Turban/ring/belt: F21


  1. An embellished sweater is the best kind of sweater. They are so warm, AND they are fashionable -- even better!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  2. YOU LOOK fantastic in your sequined sweater and your bandeau headband!


    Erin @

  3. I really like this jumper !
    Just followed your blog :)
    Feel free to check out mine too:

    Erika xx

  4. I am loving your blog too! I am definitely following now!

    Also thanks for following my blog. While I want it to inspire you, I hope it doesn't lead to too many more impulse buys! Haha you must post those Thelmas when you get them though!


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