Monday, December 5, 2011

Birds and Bows

and so it goes...on a chilly Sunday afternoon, I've decided to take a stroll around the pond that was conveniently place by my apartment.

It seems to me that wearing all black on a Sunday is a tad bit sacrilegious, but I felt I made up for that with my brown accents and the bow on my sweater. Bows are like, good and stuff, right?
And, clearly, the birds aren't much for religion, for they seemed completely captivated by my winter hues...or it may have been the bread crumbs (?)

Either way, I appreciated their attention and can't wait to see my feathered friends again.

Sweater: Pins and Needles,  Corduroy jeans: Urban Outfitters,
Booties/Handbag/Bangles: F21 Sunnies:  H&M
Earring: Nasty Gal

1 comment:

  1. Very cute look! I can appreciate a girl who litters her wardrobe with Forever 21. :) Love your shoes. I wanted those in black, but alas they sold out. You have a cute blog here!



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