Wednesday, November 30, 2011

It's true, despite my advantage of being part of Generation Y, I'm a technological failure. The ever advancing smart phones, pads(will update my knowledge of technical term later), and social media sights have me timidly waiting to to purchase or sign up for the "latest and greatest thing". The increasing gap between my iPhone 3G and the next and best phone (which is released every few seconds) has me feeling ever so slightly defeated. Long story short, lets just say my life isn't measure by battery life, but rather; the things that give me life.

While I stand in line at the apple store, snail pacing towards the front, (always letting the last person in front of me to ensure I'm not about to miss out on the grand release of some new gadget) I will share my love for fashion, art, and all things beautiful.

This Blog is my first baby step away from my native land of Facebook, let's hope I can become aquatinted with this foreign place rather quickly because being homesick is never a good feeling.

and so it goes....

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